We are a vertically integrated biofuel technology development and trade company. Our mission is to ensure the availability of fuels for future generations by developing a biomass-to-liquid fuel technology that reduces the carbon footprint and helps the environment.

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Malaysian Business Times Reports on NextFuels’ Drop-in Biofuels

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The people behind biofuels trader Enagra Inc, based in the United States, were pioneers in shipping biodiesel to the US from Malaysia back in 2005. In leapfrogging towards a ‘greener’…

Biomass Magazine on NextFuels’ Targeting of Palm Oil Waste

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From Biomass Magazine… California-based NextFuels has emerged from stealth mode and is unveiling its strategy to produce advanced biofuels from wet, unprocessed agricultural waste via a hydrothermal process originally developed…

Tech Blog GigaOm Reports on NextFuels and Pollution Reduction

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From GigaOm… Palm oil production is a big business in Malaysia and Indonesia, but environmental pollution is one of the industry’s biggest problems. A Silicon Valley company hopes to turn…

BioFuels Digest Reports on NextFuels Technology

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NextFuels was featured by Jim Lane in today’s BioFuels Digest, one of the most respected publications in the industry. Lane is all-too-familiar with The Haze issues in Southeast Asia, having…

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